Margaret T. | Cairo

Bark busters rating

The session went well. Lindsey was easy to work with and gave good direction. Learning about being head of household was awkward at first because I was asked to behave differently. It was interesting to see Olive confused. She caught on with repetition.

Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall

Darcie S. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann’s knowledge is so helpful! She answered all of our questions and showed us methods of how to communicate correctly with our dog. She is so patient and kind! Everything we learned from her has been so helpful! We are looking forward to our training exercises with our dog, thanks to all the tools she has given us. She explained everything in a simple way and provides excellent examples.

Barking Jumping up Pulling

Patricia M. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Learned a lot. A great experience. Leigh Ann was very patient with all the barking she was dealing with.

Barking Other

Camille P. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann has already performed miracles. She worked with us and Frannie to get a collar and leash on her.

Jumping up Other

Robert P. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

My experience with Leigh Ann could not have been better. I am very optimistic about the progress we will make and I know I can always teach out.

Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Puppy management

Loretta H. | Cairo

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was amazing. She explained to me what was happening with my dog (Mayhem) who is having aggression issues and told me her plan to change how I communicate with him. Then she showed me what exercises I need to practice daily with him to regain control. Then we went outside and she took me through step by step how to do everything. It's only been 24 hours, but he is really taking to it. I'm very excited to see how he does between now and our next session. Also she gave me great tips on how to start training my puppy (Moonshine), and help with things like nipping and potty training. Looking forward to working with Leigh Ann more.

Aggression Chewing Hyperactivity Pulling Puppy management Recall Sibling rivalry Separation anxiety Toileting

Carolyn H. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

I had the pleasure of working with Leigh from Bark Busters and was beyond amazed at how quickly she was able to turn our protective, very aggressive, dog into a respectable little citizen. We aren’t done yet, but the progress that was made in one lesson was worth every penny.

Aggression Barking Chewing Digging Jumping up Pulling Recall

Gale C. | Thomasville, Thomas

Bark busters rating

We are excited to have an opportunity to help Lily become the best she can be. We learned so many helps the first visit. Thank you, Leigh Ann

Aggression Barking Pulling

Hailey T. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was so great in helping with both of our dogs. She is very confident and professional and I love her strategies of working with the dogs. I feel very comfortable using her as the trainer for my dogs because she has experience with dogs that have the same issues as mine have. After consulting other training options in the area, Bark Busters is ultimately the best option for an affordable, reliable, and helpful training service. I also appreciate how the focus is on building the relationship between the dogs and I.

Aggression Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall Separation anxiety Other

Sara S. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Love!!! Absolutely love the training. Leigh Ann was amazing. Very professional very knowledgeable and very personable. Jack responded well to all the techniques. Looking forward to our next session.

Barking Chewing Jumping up Pulling Separation anxiety

Lisa H. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Bark Busters is the miracle we needed for our girl, Juno. Leigh Ann is fabulous at making sure we all know what to do, and we saw amazing results after just the first session! We are all living in harmony now. Thank you!

Aggression Barking Chewing Jumping up Pulling Other

Ruth B. | Thomasville, Thomas

Bark busters rating

I want to say how amazing Leigh Ann was yesterday in our first training session. I learned a lot and feel more prepared to properly interact with Madi.. I saw so much improvement the very first visit. The second day has been exceptional. I would highly recommend Leigh Ann and Bark Busters.

Jumping up Pulling Recall Separation anxiety

Brenda S. | Thomasville

Bark busters rating

Enjoyed our time with Leigh Ann and my husband and I both feel encouraged that we will be able to gain control of the two dogs.

Aggression Barking Pulling Recall Sibling rivalry

Betsy K. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was wonderful. She was very thorough and professional. She was fun to work with and Jackson related so positively to her. She gave great instructions and tips for successful continued training. I look forward to working with her.

Chewing Jumping up Puppy management Separation anxiety Toileting

Nicole W. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Worth of every penny! Thank you for helping us!

Aggression Barking Chewing Digging Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall Sibling rivalry Separation anxiety

Krista J. | Bainbridge

Bark busters rating

Our first session went great! Leigh Ann was so patient listening as I explained my dogs’ bad behavior. She took the time for us to work with each dog individually and I could see a difference already. I’m so excited to continue working with Leigh Ann! I can’t wait for our next session so I can see what else my doggos will learn. I know I made the right choice by choosing Bark Busters and Leigh Ann.

Aggression Barking Chewing Jumping up Pulling Recall Sibling rivalry Separation anxiety Toileting Other

Amber S. | Norman park

Bark busters rating

So grateful i decided to do this.

Barking Jumping up Puppy management Sibling rivalry Separation anxiety

Jack C. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann gave us just the help we needed. Our new rescue is high energy and young and we needed help in managing his behavior and excitement. Leigh Ann is very knowledgeable and she gave us very practical tips and techniques to manage Pepper. The support materials she provides is right on target. We highly recommend her and the Bark Busters system. Pepper is responding very well.

Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Separation anxiety Other

Judy S. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

So very glad I'm doing this! My boys are better behaved after just the first session. Leigh Ann just ROCKS!

Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall Sibling rivalry

Suzi W. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was very helpful in teaching us simple techniques to manage behavioral problems. We saw success immediately and are working to reinforce and build on this. It’s reassuring that she is available for questions and help as needed. Very pleased with service!

Barking Jumping up Pulling Recall Sibling rivalry

Elizabeth B. | Cairo,

Bark busters rating

We felt very positive about our time with Leigh Ann. We understood her instructions, and the thought process behind it. With her expertise in reading a dogs' body language, we understand Winnie better now.

Aggression Puppy management Sibling rivalry Toileting

Martha G. | Thomasville

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann is amazing. Our dog was very hyper - liked to jump on everyone. After the first session we can see a big difference in how Scarlett interacts with my daughter and myself. Scarlett is much better at not jumping every time someone walks into the room. I was ready to give up on our dog but now I would not trade her for anything.

Hyperactivity Jumping up Puppy management

Amanda A. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

I reached out to Leigh-Ann because I was totally overwhelmed by my 4 year old Great Pyrenees' separation anxiety. Leigh-Ann is incredible. As soon as she entered our space, she helped me understand Zoe's behavior, establish myself as the leader in our home, and set some clear boundaries. The very next day I noticed a huge difference in Zoe's anxiety levels. She is consistently recalling, staying, and respecting the leash when we walk. With Leigh-Ann's guidance, we're still working up to longer absences, but Zoe is handling separation much better – no more destructive behavior or escape attempts. Leigh-Ann is a pleasure to work with. She provides clear instructions and expectations. I especially appreciate the emphasis on verbal commands and correction (no use of treats for reinforcement). If your pup is struggling with separation anxiety and you're feeling overwhelmed, know that there's hope! Our home is so much happier and our communication so much stronger since working with Leigh-Ann.

Barking Digging Recall Separation anxiety

Brandi C. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

I contacted Leigh Ann as she came VERY highly recommended by our vet's office. Our hound mix, Parker, had pretty suddenly started having some aggression issues. Leigh Ann pointed out to me the things that I was doing that was not necessarily causing the aggression, but was passively enabling it. During our first appt, Leigh Ann taught me how to change MY behavior so that Parker could be a more relaxed dog, which in turn, I expect to curb the aggression issues. I'm shocked at the changes I saw in Parker in just 1 visit and I can't wait to work with Leigh Ann further.

Aggression Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall

Gail M. | Cairo, Grady

Bark busters rating

Great first lesson. Leigh Ann was kind & answered our questions. Gave us good tips to work with.

Aggression Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall Separation anxiety

Megan Del D. | Crawfordville

Bark busters rating

Max made so much progress in his first lesson! Leigh Ann explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and follow and we just marched right through issue after issue. I was super impressed with how quickly Max started responding to commands and cues. I have noticed a significant improvement in his loose leash walking and coming when called outside in just a few days. I’m excited to continue to practice with him over the next couple weeks.

Aggression Barking Pulling Recall

Kasey D. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was wonderful on our first visit and we saw huge improvements almost instantly. The homework she gives is simple and easy to follow through with. She explains things in ways that are easy to understand as well. We are excited to continue on this journey with Leigh Ann and Bark Busters!

Aggression Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall

Corey W. | Havana, Gadsden

Bark busters rating

Great experience. Leigh Ann was awesome. She immediately took charge and gained attention and respect.

Barking Chewing Jumping up Pulling Puppy management

Autumn B. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

AMAZING. We saw changes within minutes, and continue to see changes daily in our pooches. Leigh Ann is training all of us, not just the dogs. I have never had a dog that didn’t loose their minds every time someone rang the doorbell, but our dogs stopped with the first session from Leigh Ann. We are excited about the next sessions!

Aggression Barking Hyperactivity Pulling Puppy management Recall Separation anxiety

Elizabeth M. | Thomasville

Bark busters rating

We saw Immediate response and improvement with our first session! So pleased with Leigh Ann’s instruction and support.

Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Puppy management

Mary R. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

We covered many things in our first lesson and had lots of questions. Leigh Ann was patient and informative. We saw results right away and are looking forward to a better relationship with our sweet Rosie.

Pulling Recall Other

Carol H. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

We rescued a 7 year old Yorkie who is afraid of loud noises, not housebroken, and a slew of other issues. After one session with Leigh Ann we have seen improvements and look forward to future lessons.

Barking Hyperactivity Separation anxiety Toileting

Jawanna W. | Midway, Gadsden

Bark busters rating

We had a great experience with learning how to effectively interact with our puppy.

Puppy management Separation anxiety Toileting

Phyllis K. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann is awesome. We didn’t feel judged by our lack of dog knowledge. We’ve never really had dogs. We feel much more confident and went to buy all of the other things we didn’t have the next day (additional toys, treats, and potty clean up stuff). She’s great.

Barking Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Puppy management Separation anxiety Toileting

Goldie C. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

I rescued a 10-year old Schnauzer who is a great dog but has some barking issues. After just one session I now know what to do to help control that issue!! I have seen such an amazing improvement! Our homework has helped reinforce techniques- looking forward to follow up to continue “tweaking “ and improving my “leader” skills!!

Barking Pulling Separation anxiety

Rhonda Z. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Excited to continue training

Aggression Barking Jumping up Pulling Recall Sibling rivalry Separation anxiety

Shauntelle C. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was so helpful! We already in the the 1st night have better behavior. She’s awesome!

Aggression Barking Chewing Jumping up Pulling Puppy management Sibling rivalry Separation anxiety

Gary P. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

The dogs are so much better behaved. It’s a good feeling knowing we are in control instead of the other way around.

Barking Jumping up

Otis K. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was remarkable, we have already seen a major change in Ogbo's behavior.

Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling

Elizabeth H. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

From the moment Leigh Ann entered my home, I knew she was professional and was proficient in what we needed to accomplish. I was really amazed with how quickly she gained control of my unruly puppy!!

Barking Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Puppy management Recall Separation anxiety

Georgia W. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann is amazing. Her explanations are clear and concise. We saw progress on the first session.

Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall Sibling rivalry Separation anxiety

Bri M. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

It was a fantastic experience. Leigh Ann listened to all my concerns, was understanding and optimistic, yet realistic with progress and timeliness. Just while she was there on the first visit all three dogs showed improvement. Though I was addressing different concerns with all three dogs she handled the workload as an utmost professional. Cannot wait for the next lesson to show her all we (yes including me) have learned and to keep progressing!

Aggression Chewing Pulling Puppy management Recall Toileting

Cindy B. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

We were so pleased with our first session. It was amazing how much we all learned. There are improvements already. Andy is learning to walk on the leash, come, and sit!

Puppy management

Christy T. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

We really enjoyed working with Leigh Ann. Her lessons and insights are remarkable. We noticed improved behavior after our first session. I would recommend her with the highest confidence!

Puppy management

Richard Z. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Very helpful suggestions for controlling activity level and setting ground rules.

Chewing Hyperactivity Toileting

Charlotte H. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was great. Very patient with Katie and me. She explained things easily and thoroughly and allowed for questions. I am really looking forward to moving ahead through your training process. Just the first time alone was beneficial and gave me hope that katie can be a well-behaved and sociable companion.

Aggression Barking Chewing Pulling Recall

Philip G. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

When we first booked an appointment I wasn't sure what to expect. I first thought that IF we see results, it would take several weeks if not months. I was honestly amazed when we saw results the same day. Our dog problems began when we introduced a new, two-year-old dog with our established senior dog who thinks she's the alpha. First, the senior dog bullied the new dog. After a few weeks, the new dog got tired of it and began to snap back, but this soon turned into spontaneous attacks on our older, smaller dog. Thankfully, Leigh Ann understood that the seriousness of our issue was even worse than we imagined, so she made time to visit us as soon as she was able to. She explained everything we needed to know clearly and concisely so we could understand what exactly was going on and what we needed to do to correct the situation. The techniques she taught us are not complicated but require consistency. I didn't think both of these excited dogs could ever be tamed but I was wrong. Even before she left we were able to modify our dogs' behavior and make sure that not only the attacks stopped, but so did the new one's separation anxiety (barking, crying when leaving), pulling on the leash, and other related issues. Even I started to feel like I was a dog whisperer. I very highly recommend her services. (Lastly, we also appreciated that she was mindful about social distancing and wearing a mask.)

Aggression Barking Chewing Hyperactivity Pulling Recall Sibling rivalry Separation anxiety

Stacey K. | Pelham, Mitchell

Bark busters rating

I have seen such a change in my dog since the first lesson! Leigh Ann is an amazing trainer!

Hyperactivity Pulling Recall Sibling rivalry

Myrna B. | Quitman, Brooks

Bark busters rating

My husband and I (and Pete) had a great first lesson with Leigh Ann. She really knows dogs! Looking forward to our training (and Pete's!).

Aggression Barking

Anna D. | Bainbridge

Bark busters rating

After just the first lesson we can notice a difference!

Puppy management

Donna L. | Havana, Gadsden

Bark busters rating

We are return customers with Leigh Ann. Our boys were so responsive to the techniques in our first session it was remarkable.

Aggression Barking Chewing Digging Jumping up Puppy management Recall

Hunter M. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

My husband and I are first time dog owners. We had helped create some bad habits in our 7 month old Corgi puppy. After just one lesson, Mac had made great improvements in basic obedience, barking, and walking on leash. We can't wait to see this positive behavior become his normal. Leigh Ann makes dog training simple and stress-free. We are so thankful.

Barking Chewing Pulling Puppy management Separation anxiety

Thomas P. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Greet session and very pleased with instructions and demonstrated drills.

Barking Digging Jumping up Pulling

Sherry A. | Ochlocknee, Thomas

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann's friendly, yet leadership abilities, were excellent. She modeled the behavior and coached us how to call commands, leash and other puppy related issues. Our German Shepherd ten-week old puppy kept nipping while teething. The Bitter Apple spray and commands were immediately effective and we need to learn to take leadership to develop a respectful family pet and a service dog in a few years down the road. We were very impressed with the depth and width of expertise Leigh Ann processes. We are so grateful to have decided to have Dakota trained by Leigh Ann.

Chewing Puppy management Recall Toileting

Sandra J. | Boston, Thomas

Bark busters rating

Very happy with our first lesson and my dogs did good with the instructions Leigh Ann gave us.

Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Puppy management Separation anxiety

Karen M. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann came to the house on Monday to give me lessons on training my dog, Nira. I'd worked with 4 other trainers, so I understood the basics of timing on the "bah" and praise. I needed a refresher on being the calm, benevolent leader, which Leigh Ann delivered wonderfully. Nira's primary issue was dog aggression, and I started seeing a noticeable difference in her reaction right away! I thought it was ingenious of Leigh Ann to bring out a realistic looking stuffed dog at first to get Nira to stop reacting so strongly. Every day, she gets a little better! I'm confident that one day, my new rescue girl will earn her CGC and be able to go to Petsmart/Petco with me. :)

Aggression Jumping up Pulling Recall

Katina L. | Crawfordville, Wakulla

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann is amazing. I was amazed what she was able to make my dogs do the first day. My dogs were even in shock. We had a fight between are 2 girls, which is why we reached out for help. It changed everything inside of me. I felt completely helpless. Now I feel more confident and in control and we have the skills to keep it that way.

Aggression Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall Sibling rivalry

Emma S. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was very patient and thorough. I was extremely happy with the results after the first session and look forward to more positive outcomes.

Barking Separation anxiety Toileting

Laura A. | Thomasville

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann gave us excellent directions to start working with our new puppy. Very informative. She is a terrific communicator.

Barking Chewing Puppy management

Beth B. | Valdosta

Bark busters rating

We were AMAZED! I actually did not believe that our first session could actually make a difference...but it has!

Aggression Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Puppy management

Drexel B. | Thomasville, Thomas

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was wonderful. After first visit my wife and I were amazed at the progress. She guided us through every detail and showed us how to achieve our goals. In less than 5 days following her guidelines we have seen a remarkable difference. She is so kind but firm, our dogs love her, and our dogs obeyed her quickly! I wish we had found her sooner. My wife has already recommended her to friends.

Aggression Barking Chewing Hyperactivity Pulling Puppy management Sibling rivalry

Jackie D. | Crawfordville, Wakulla

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann is the answer to our prayers, our 6 year old Rat Terrier used to be very loving with no issues, but that all changed with aggression and other bad habits. My husband and I were at wits end. Tanner was taking over our lives. The minute Leigh Ann came into our home wonderful things began to happen. In the 3 hours of Leigh Ann training Tanner, my husband and me there was already a big change. Tanner is calmer and is starting to show that a old dog can be taught with the right trainer and we hit the jackpot when we found Leigh Ann. Tanner still has more to work on, but with just 1 lesson so far we’re excited to continue our training with Leigh Ann . Tanner will be back to our sweet boy in no time. Thank You, Leigh Ann, your love for what you do is a blessing for pet owners like us. YOU ARE AWESOME!

Aggression Barking Jumping up Pulling Toileting

Audrey C. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

After our first meeting with Leigh Ann it was apparent that we had found the perfect person to help us with our three dogs. We saw improvement the very first day! Looking forward to our next session.

Aggression Barking Puppy management Sibling rivalry

Beverly J. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann is THE DOG WHISPERER. I have high hopes that one day I will live peacefully with my adult Jack Russell terrier whom she describes as smart, but I never knew this. I was given a blue print to follow WITH helpful tools. And homework which I will do. I love Leigh Ann and recommend her without hesitation or reservation.


Marti C. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

The experience was great. I already see changes in Dez’s behavior

Aggression Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling

Lindsey R. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was great and helped us with a game plan to get Beau on the right track. We saw him respond to things that very first night of training. We are truly looking forward to having a well behaved dog in our home

Barking Chewing Jumping up Pulling Puppy management Separation anxiety

Ashley L. | Attapulgus, Decatur

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was amazing and got right to work with Samson. She made it fun for Samson and he wanted to do all the lessons.

Pulling Puppy management Recall

Julie H. | Coolidge, Thomas

Bark busters rating


Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall

David K. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Excellent training that got results on the first session.

Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall Separation anxiety

Stephen & Sharon W. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Astounding is the word that comes to mind. In less than 24 hours Ernie is a different dog in the best way. We would have not have thought it possible.

Aggression Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Separation anxiety

Murry H. | Cairo,

Bark busters rating

Very good visit. Our dog changed a lot that day.

Aggression Barking

Melissa R. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Jeter & Max were a handful when the door bell rang. By the end of our first session we already saw a huge improvement. We realized it was not just the front door, but what we were doing on a whole that was creating the environment for the dogs to be out of control at the door. We are confident we can use the techniques we were shown on our own. It is comforting to know this is an ongoing program and we already have our follow up appointment set.

Aggression Barking Jumping up Pulling Separation anxiety

Joan T. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Loved Leigh Ann and excited to practice the great techniques we learned with Missy!

Chewing Digging Jumping up Pulling Recall Separation anxiety

Jacquelyn W. | Moultrie, Colquitt

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was great! We could see a change in Lucy before the training session was over! We look forward to working with Leigh Ann to train Lucy to be a well behaved therapy dog!

Digging Jumping up Pulling Puppy management Recall

Terri J. | Valdosta, Lowndes

Bark busters rating

Great initial session!!! I learned so much and Georgia did also! Now we are ready to start learning more together.

Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Puppy management Separation anxiety Toileting

Lisa P. | Havana, Gadsden

Bark busters rating

We are very impressed with our progress of a few days. We were on the verge of having to rehome one of our yorkies due to sibling fighting. This is our last efforts to try and get everyone to play nice.

Aggression Barking Jumping up Recall Sibling rivalry

Brittany P. | Tallahassee

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was wonderful! She taught me and my roommate to respond to my dog Ozzy's behaviors in a positive and productive way. After one week, Ozzy is walking by my side during walks and his leash reactivity towards people is getting progressively better. I highly recommend Bark Busters!

Aggression Jumping up Pulling

Jane S. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was great today. After working with her for over 2 hrs we see a huge difference with the dogs. Thank you.

Barking Chewing Separation anxiety

Kip & Bev W. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

We have seen immediate improvement, our dog barks less during the day, is easier to walk and is beginning to learn not to answer the door. We have been working for less than a week so we anticipate a longer journey. We are very happy with our progress so far.

Aggression Barking Jumping up Pulling Separation anxiety

Stanley H. | Thomasville, Thomas

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann amazed us with her knowledge of dogs and their training needs. She got us started on a training regimen that we are sure will produce results. Leigh Ann is not only very knowledgeable as a trainer but we can tell that SHE LOVES DOGS!

Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Puppy management Toileting

Dan S. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

We were very impressed with the quality and effectiveness of Leigh Ann's training. She is such a professional and likable person to work with!

Chewing Puppy management Toileting

Sandra N. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Thank goodness for Leigh Ann ! Winston and I really need her. One session and we’re doing better. Leigh Ann has patience and knows how to help owners and dogs.

Aggression Barking Chewing Digging Jumping up Puppy management Toileting

Pat S. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

We really liked Leigh Ann and all three of us were very comfortable with her instructions. She has an easy-going manner, but you can tell she means business when it comes to dog training. We are excited to work on our "homework" so we can move Sarge into the next training stage in a few weeks.

Chewing Puppy management Toileting

Marie C. | Thomasville, Thomas

Bark busters rating

I think the first session went well. Leigh Ann gave me many helpful suggestions. Kobi responded well, too. Also gave me a harness that so far is working nicely.

Jumping up Pulling Recall

Gloria B. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann’s training method far excels any that we have experienced. She is both professional yet friendly, patient and non judgmental of our problems. She told us at the first visit that if we did this method it “will work”. We have a six month old Goldendoodle “brat” and Leigh Ann helped us learn how to take back control and provided the supplies we would need. We had results starting with the very first visit. No matter what our problems Leigh Ann seemed to know how to fix the problem. I love that she came to our home, saw our environment and the issues/concerns we had. She has been able to tailor fit our needs into her methods and IT WORKS. Thank you Leigh Ann.

Digging Jumping up Puppy management Recall Other

Donna W. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Great first training visit with Leigh Ann. Older dog already more confident.

Puppy management Sibling rivalry

Jacque T. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Trainer was friendly and prompt, clearly explained exercises and taught me a lot about dogs and specifically Nugget's temperament

Aggression Hyperactivity Puppy management Separation anxiety

Sherrie K. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Pikachu, with Leigh Ann’s advice and much work has made vast improvements with heeling, jumping and waiting by the door before going out. Separation anxiety is still a problem, but we are working on it. He is a better puppy now with only a few slip ups.

Jumping up Pulling Puppy management Separation anxiety

Nick C. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann took the time to let my wife and I explain our history with Durant including some traumatic experiences for him while he was a puppy. She didn't look down on us for previously doing things incorrectly but was very understanding and encouraging. Her instructions were very simple and clear. Leigh Ann's training makes it fun for both the dog and dog owners. We are looking forward to implementing the training methods we've learned from Leigh Ann.

Aggression Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up

Shannon T. | Monticello, Jefferson

Bark busters rating

Saw improvement in our dog within the first lesson! Very happy with the training thus far. Looking forward to continued training! Leigh Ann was amazing.

Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Separation anxiety Other

Melanie W. | Thomasville, Thomas

Bark busters rating

Keith and I really appreciate all the training we received from Bark Busters! Leigh Ann Falconer, you are amazing. It was great watching Tank learn so fast.

Aggression Barking Separation anxiety Toileting

Luci C. | Tallahassee, Leon

Bark busters rating

Walking without the pulling is going so well!

Aggression Hyperactivity Pulling

Mary Jane M. | Ochlocknee

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was prompt for our lesson. She was professional yet friendly. She was confident in her training methods, and made me feel relaxed when working with Hudson. I'm so glad we called her for help with our puppy!

Puppy management

Jamie J. | Thomasville, Thomas

Bark busters rating

Very clearly explained and demonstrated with good assisted practice

Aggression Barking Jumping up Recall

Laura A. | Thomasville

Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was an absolute delight. She explained everything very clearly, and helped us achieve some surprising, positive results in our very first lesson. We were very impressed! I would highly recommend her. She has a great rapport with dogs AND human beings.

Aggression Barking Pulling

Leigh Ann B. | Tallahassee, Leon

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Leigh Ann is our lifesavor with our Faye. Faye had a list of issues from taking her on walks to people coming to the door. She was a rescue dog and is very hyper, didn't know how to meet other dogs nicely, jumped all over the front door, jumping on people, dominate to our older dog and so on. Leigh Ann came in, observed her and was very nice, calm and patient. She explained Faye's behavior and started working with me on how to deal with each issue. She explains everything very well. She will spend plenty of time with you and makes sure you understand everything. Faye started responding right away and just after the 1st visit things were getting much better. We are still working but every technique that Leigh Ann is having us do gets a response. We can now take walks peacefully and people can come to the front door. I would highly recommend Leigh Ann to anyone for any situation with their dogs.

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Will H. | Tallahassee, Leon

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Leigh Ann taught us the Bark Busters method in a way that was very easy to understand and apply. From the moment she walked in she was able to demonstrate to the dogs that she was a leader, and by the end of the first training session she had taught us how to gain and keep the respect of our dogs by being the leaders of the pack. I especially appreciate the Bark Busters method, because it effectively disciplines our dogs without using fear or bribing them with treats. Leigh Ann was very pleasant to have in our home, and we look forward to working with her more.

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Bruce C. | Meigs, Thomas

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We learned a lot about how to interact with our dog. The training tips gave us specifics to work on and helped us be consistent.

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Lon F. | Tallahassee, Leon

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The recommendation that we received about Leigh Ann Falconer proved to be 100% accurate. She was, and is amazing, with our two year Golden. He is already improved after one session. I only wish we had known about her when we had two year old kids!!!

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Valerie R. | Thomasville

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I have had just one visit from Bark Busters and I approached it with some reluctance - but how glad I am that I took that step. My trainer, Leigh Ann, was a pleasure to work with, and my dog's response on that first day was amazingly good. I adopted Ziggy from the pound where he had been for nearly four months, knowing he was afraid of people, but believing that I, with a lifetime of rescued dog companionship, could quickly help him. Well, pride comes before a fall. He has settled wonderfully with me but is still terrified by other people. I have had only two days of practicing his training but already see some small results and have absolute certainty he will get steadily better. This is a wonderful approach. Thank you, Leigh Ann!

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