Leigh S. | Tallahassee, Florida

November 2 2017
Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann is a fantastic trainer!! Within minutes of being around my puppy Jeri, she was successfully modifying his behavior using highly effective, positive reinforcement techniques. Her corrective techniques worked instantly too and were easily transferred to this doggie mama who tends to overindulge in love but is not great at leading! Leigh Ann quickly assessed the relationship between me and my dog and offered many helpful tips to help me be a better leader which in turn reduced my dog's anxiety and mine as well!! So grateful for her high level of expertise coupled with her delightful, down to earth personality!! All I can say is wow!!! What a difference a day with Leigh Ann makes!!

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Bill T. | Tallahassee, Florida

October 18 2017
Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was very focused on my individual situation. She was prepared and had studied our dogs' background. She obviously cares for the successful outcomes of both dog and owner. She is an expert.

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Joyce S. | TALLAHASSEE, Florida

October 3 2017
Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann is knowledgeable and friendly. She listened carefully to my concerns during the intake part of our session,taking notes. Then, using helpful slides on a small flip chart, Leigh Ann presented the bark Buster program. She is clear and concise!

Then we started training Bonnie, first inside the house. We built up to moving outdoors for us to learn about managing encounters with other dogs on the leash. I loved all of the training equipment she introduced into the session. Using the bark Busters harness is a great aid for both Bonnie and me. We have already had two "encounters." I didn't handle them perfectly, Bonnie did well.

I am doing the training with Bonnie and look forward to continuing.

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Jonathan M. | Tallahassee, Florida

August 29 2017
Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was great with both our dogs even though they have very different needs based on their temperament & background. Jerry Lee is a fast learner and doesn't like water so it only took a few times for him to stay away from the front door when the bell was rung. I found the techniques very easy to pick up especially if you're attentive to your dog and know/can tell when they/re about to go into a hyper state of mind.

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Michelle M. | Tallahassee, Florida

July 25 2017
Bark busters rating

It was an incredible feeling to finally see my dog calm on a walk. Before learning how to handle her anxious behavior outdoors, I felt afraid to even bring her outside on a full walk. These methods have truly been helping.

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Amy H. | Tallahassee, Florida

July 19 2017
Bark busters rating

We are in AWE! It was just about a dreaded event to have to put Tobe on a leash to walk him but now our sweet boy is doing amazing and walking right beside us rather then pulling us down the road. It is a beautiful thing! Tobe is also listening better and responding to our training very well. We can't wait to see what the future holds!

Leigh Ann was amazing to work with and has such passion for her job. We are blessed to have her in our lives!

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Rebecca G. | Tallahassee, Florida

June 11 2017
Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann showed genuine interest in and affection for our dog and approached her training in a customized, nuanced way. The Bark Busters techniques are effective and humane and we are very impressed with how quickly our dog responded to the training. We definitely recommend this program.


Kelli W. | Tallahassee, Florida

May 19 2017
Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was great! She showed us exactly what to do and was very patient with us and our dog. It was a very helpful session and we look forward to the follow up session.

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Kate M. | Tallahassee, Florida

March 23 2017
Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was a great teacher. After the first session, my dogs stopped barking at the door, pulling on the leash, and come when called. Our one year old now sits and stays before we walk in and out of doors- she was extremely hyper before. The one-year-old also would drag us on walks, and now she walks right by our side. We also were given the practice tools we needed to continue to see improvement! I have confidence that I will soon have well-behaved dogs!

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Leanne D. | Tallahassee, Florida

March 2 2017
Bark busters rating

Enjoyed working with Leigh Ann

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Ken E. | Tallahassee, Florida

January 27 2017
Bark busters rating

Great training! Almost immediate results and we have a very strong personality dog.

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Ken E. | Tallahassee, Florida

January 26 2017
Bark busters rating

Great training! Almost immediate results and we have a very strong personality dog.

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Michelle C. | Tallahassee, Florida

December 24 2016
Bark busters rating

Within 24 hours i have seen results! all i need to do is a Bah and it works. Pretty amazing....It is a work in progress and continual...but they didn't get this way over night...lots of reinforcement and Leigh ann is wonderful! responds immediately to texts, firm and loving with the dogs...She can address any issue you may have. We are working on my dogs not eating the cats...so far so good! i would recommend her highly!!!

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Vicki L. | Thomasville, Georgia

November 17 2016
Bark busters rating

What a great first session with Leigh Ann. She very clearly articulated the process of training Maya to recognize our authority and was excellent in her instruction. We accomplished a major amount on just the first visit. I look forward to enjoying Maya more than ever with her new found obedience!

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Kyrie-Inn B. | Tallahassee, Florida

November 2 2016
Bark busters rating

I have been involved as a professional pet sitter and companion before I became disabled, both as my own business and with agencies. I have been working with, training, and using service dogs for my disabilities for many years now as well, so I have been around a TON of trainers and methods. BY FAR, Leigh Ann has to be the BEST trainer with which I have worked; BarkBusters' methods are spot on and highly effective. Mijo (10 month old service dog in training) has responded extremely well since our first session, and his sibling Tao (4 years old, Service Dog, CGC) is picking up the new cues simultaneously and helping to keep Mijo on task :D

We have been recommending both Leigh Ann and BarkBusters face to face and on social media. Our folks know Team Blue never does that without complete satisfaction and perfection from any company!! Thank you for all your work, and we are excited to have you join Team Blue in this newest service dog adventure!! <3

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Mary C. | Tallahassee, Florida

November 2 2016
Bark busters rating

We were at our wits end because of Maizy's barking and aggressive behavior whenever anyone came to our home. She terrorized our guests. Leigh Ann showed us how to instantly change her behavior. As a rescue dog, Maizy has always been nervous and aloof with us. Instead of coming when called she would hide behind furniture. Now she comes when called and sits and stays on demand. We are so happy with her (or should I say our) transformation. Would highly recommend Leigh Ann and Bark Busters.


Teresa S. | Havana, Florida

October 19 2016
Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was very professional and established a good rapport with my dog almost instantly. She was knowledgeable and taught me how to become the "leader" while working with my physical limitations.


Regina W. | Tallahassee, Florida

October 5 2016
Bark busters rating

Leigh Ann was awesome!!!!

My husband and I were not too sure how it was going to work out because our boys are very noisy & aggressive. We saw instant results!

She was so nice and patient with us. She was even more patient and encouraging with our dogs. When she left us, the boys were so much calmer--that day!! Daily practice still has it's challenges, but it is no where as stressful as it was before she came over.

When she left, I saw a rainbow and angels singing!!!

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Eddie C. | Tallahassee, Florida

September 15 2016
Bark busters rating

Ms. Falconer came to our home to help us with our two dogs and their interaction. She was very polite, professional and remarkably good with our dogs. She evaluated the situation and gave us a few lessons and pointers to help us work with our puppies that have helped tremendously.

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Maria S. | Tallahassee, Florida

September 14 2016
Bark busters rating

Within 24 hours of our Puppy Primer session, we could see a difference in our two girls. They are only 4 months old, but we wanted to get a handle on their behavior before they become too large to manage. Sadie has more nervous energy than her sister Lucie, but has already shown signs of calming down - now that we’re establishing who the real bosses are in the household. They’re already walking better on their leashes and starting to listen when we call, generally paying more attention to the humans instead of just each other. Leigh Ann had wonderful insight, clear directions, and obviously enjoys what she does.

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