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I was ready to give my dog back to my daughter before Leigh Ann's help. She had him going potty outside and walking on a leash by the end of training. I didn't think it would be as easy as it was to train. I'm too tenderhearted to use mean techniques. I've already recommended Bark Busters to several friends. My husband and I said we would never have any pets, let alone house pets, but Leigh Ann made it so easy to train our first pet. We are going to adopt him a little sister and we are very excited.
Judy, Harrelson 22nd April 2009

I have recommended Leigh Ann Falconer many times. Without Leigh Ann's expertise, I am not sure our adopted dog would have ever been the great little dog he is in two months. Great job, Leigh Ann.
Mickey Wheeler, Thomasville 1st April 2009

I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors!
Alisha Weatherell, Tallahassee 30th March 2009

Dickens is much calmer. Now that he's not the leader, our 15-year-old little poodle is more relaxed because he feels safe.
Harriet Irwin, Tallahassee 10th March 2009

We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. We were pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters -- better than treat-based.
Aysel Marsella, Monticello 20th January 2009

Leigh Ann was very informative and friendly. We enjoyed the initial training session, as well as the followup. Great motivator. We're counting on Oliver selling the program to others when they see how well behaved he is.
Kelly Thomas, Tallahassee 14th November 2008

The training session was a great experience that taught us how to gain control of the dogs and what behaviors undermined our control. Leigh Ann always had a great attitude and was very patient with us.
Kathy Pennington, Tallahassee 14th November 2008

Leigh Ann made the presentation in a concise cohesive way and we got to training promptly. Our dog showed progress during the first session. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors; our trainer is quite knowledgeable and supportive. Jada has only been in the program a short time but she has made great strides. My wife can now handle her.
Gary Calise, Tallahassee 5th November 2008

Leigh Ann was genuinely kind, and her love of animals was obvious. We felt such a sense of relief having her there!
Cynthia Gunn, Tallahassee 23rd September 2008

How do you discipline a 80-pound Lab puppy? Not easily! However, Bark Busters training and Leigh Ann are the greatest! What a difference in Blondie, she is so much better; I can handle her NOW! Leigh Ann was and has been so patient with me and my dog. Helping me through each step of training a "problem dog." Thank you so very much!
Deb Carmen, Thomasville 10th September 2008

Leigh Ann explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training.
Jill Ogden, Bainbridge 2nd September 2008

I'm also using some of the techniques with dogs I board!
Bobbie Golden, Monticello 22nd July 2008

Leigh Ann was great! Made the process easy and we have 5 dogs. We have now worked with the dogs for 1 full week -- WHAT A DIFFERENCE. The dog we called about was Tasha -- The Barker. If we do not get her to stop barking, the neighbors will force us to find a new home for her. Tasha has improved to the point that my neighbors think we got rid of her. Way to go, Bark Busters! Love it!
Nancy Villmer, Tallahassee 21st July 2008

Great presentation and visuals... My dog could heel and respond to verbal commands at the end of the session and some practice...Leigh Ann is easy to talk with and very friendly... Bark Busters gets an immediate response. This is a great program. I am happy that my dog will be learning without fear.
Bonnie Carn, Ochlocknee 22nd May 2008

Leigh Ann demonstrated the techniques admirably in plain and clear explanations. We began noticing good results with the beginning of the second session. We like the natural training techniques of Bark Busters because they eliminate any harsh and abusive treatment. We would enthusiastically recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors! Without Bark Busters training techniques we would never have been able to train Queen, our Pomeranian.
Dr. Robert Clark, Thomasville 1st May 2008

Leigh Ann was great. She answered all my questions and taught me things I would never have known....
Angela Salerno, Anchor, WCTV, Tallahassee 28th April 2008

Leigh Ann was very friendly and made the experience more comfortable.
Keshia Reid, Tallahassee 21st April 2008

I could hardly believe how helpful this was in such a short time!
Jalma Baker, Tallahassee 21st April 2008

Wow! What a difference Leigh Ann made in my life with Bessie. She is a wonderful but very strong Airedale. In just one session I became the leader by learning how to get her to focus on me and listen to my commands. Just having Leigh Ann to teach me what to do was worth everything. I now feel that I am in control and not Bessie.
Marcia Scanlan, Thomasville 18th April 2008

For the first time in over a week, we were able to get ready this morning and not hear the dog chasing the cat! AMAZING! And this afternoon we will do our homework with the other exercises, but thank you so much for your time yesterday!
Jeanette Dixon, Thomasville 30th March 2008

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